Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hello again!

Hello again! 

I've been away for over a year now and I decided that I wanted to try blogging again.

I wanted to start blogging because I'm going to take a year of YouTube because of school. I really want to focus on school because it's my last year and here every university has a certain grade to past and the one that I want to go (Physics) has a really high grade and I have to study a lot so it will be easier and faster for me to write a blog rather filming a video, editing it and then uploading it.

So I will write as much as I can and I will probably write most of the posts from my phone because my dad will go crazy through the year seeing me with my look.
And I already started lessons for school (here we do lessons off school for the lessons that we choose for finals) but it's the first days so I don't have a lot to study.

I will write blogs about different stuff like books, TV series, movies so I hope you'll like them. :)

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